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Mark Twain: April Fool, 1884

Edited by Leslie Myrick and Christopher Ohge

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D. G. Macneill to Samuel L. Clemens
31 March 1884 • New York, N.Y.
(MS: CU-MARK, UCLC 41965)

The Callender Company,


East Newark, N.J.

Continental Bank Building,

7 Nassau Street, New York.

31 March 188 4

S. L. Clemens Esq Hartford Conn.

Dear Sir

I have a fine collection of autographs which I value highly, but there is one lacking & that is yours. Knowing that my collection will be rendered priceless by it I beg of you to deign to condescend to send me such a priceless gem, that it may be handed down to posterity with all the honour it deserves, set among the names of titled heads, even crowned ones, equally brilliant, but none deserving of so much honour. Deign then to grant this request & you will win the lifelong regard, & the humble worship of

D G Macneill

7 Nassau Street, N. Y.


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Samuel L Clemens, Esq | Hartford | Conn: [rule] [postmarked:] new-york mar 31 6 30 pm 84 [docketed by SLC, in pencil:] Don't know him | Mention

Textual Commentary

Copy-text:MS, Mark Twain Papers, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley (CU-MARK).

Persons Mentioned

D. G. Macneill

All that is known of Macneill is that he was an employee of the Callender Insulating and Waterproofing Co., a purveyor of insulated cables incorporated in 1883 and owned by W. O. Callender of London, whose son, William M. Callender, served as president. Macneill may have been brought over from the London office.