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Volume 41

21 June 2024

Volume 41 Introduction

Noelle A. Baker and Kathryn Tomasek


Kinship & Longing: Keywords for Black Louisiana

Olivia Barnard, Emma Bilski, Leila Blackbird, Jessica Marie Johnson and Ellie Palazzolo

Paper Bullets: The Civil War Letters of John and Phebe Miller

Samantha Misa

Voices and Perspectives: Interviews and Conversations

History UnErased: An Interview with Deb Fowler and Kathleen Barker

Jenifer Ishee and Robert Riter

Uncovering and Sustaining the Cultural Record

Reparative Editing: Working with Ukrainian Authors in Wartime

Amy Levin

Moquis and Kastiilam: The Hopi History Project

Thomas E. Sheridan, Stewart B. Koyiyumptewa and Leigh Kuwanwisiwma


On Automating Editions: The Affordances of Handwritten Text Recognition Platforms for Scholarly Editing

Melissa Terras, Joe Nockels, Sarah Ames, Paul Gooding, Andy Stauder and Günter Mühlberger

The Assembled Book as a Map of Relations

Whitney Trettien, Penny Bee and Zoe Braccia

The College and University Classroom

Digital Editing and Pedagogy: Making Editions / Building Arguments

John Bryant, Mary Isbell, Christopher Ohge and Mary Erica Zimmer


The co-editors are indebted to Christopher Minty, ADE Director of Publications, our Advisory Board, and the ADE Council for their support of this publication. We are also grateful for the fine curation of content and editorial work of the editorial board of volume 41: Raquel Baker (Essays Co-editor), Shelby Brewster (Reviews Co-editor), Silvia Glick (Consulting Editor and Reviews Co-editor), Ateeb Gul (Essays Co-editor), Jenifer Ishee (Co-Managing Editor), Eric Lamore (College and University Classrooms Editor), Robert Riter (Co-Managing Editor), Raffaele Viglianti (Technical Editor and Micro-Editions Co-editor), and Elaine Walker (Assistant Technical Editor). With this volume, we bid farewell to Kathryn Tomasek, who has completed her five-year term as Co-editor in Chief. Noelle Baker and the rest of the editorial team thank Kathryn for the essential role she played in the reboot of *Scholarly Editing* following its five-year hiatus.
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