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Volume 40

28 April 2023

Volume 40 Introduction

Noelle A. Baker and Kathryn Tomasek


Marm the Doctor, Mill Children, and the American Dream in “One Way to Get an Education”: A Recovered Short Story by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps

Roxanne Harde

Selections from the Revue des Colonies (July 1834 and July 1835): From the Prospectus to the Bill for Immediate Abolition

Maria Beliaeva Solomon

Voices and Perspectives: Interviews and Conversations

Writing Family and Literary History from Primary Texts: An Intergenerational Interview with Neil Devereaux

Cristina Ramírez

Recovering Indic Literatures: An Interview with Dr. Sunil Sharma about the Harvard University Press’s Murty Classical Library of India

Ateeb Gul


The co-editors are deeply indebted to Silvia Glick, ADE Director of Publications and Scholarly Editing Consulting Editor, our Advisory Board, and the ADE Council for their support of this publication. We are also grateful for the fine curation of content and editorial work of the editorial board of volume 40: Raquel Baker (Essays Co-editor), Shelby Brewster (Reviews Editor), Ateeb Gul (Essays Co-editor), Jenifer Ishee (Assistant Managing Editor), Eric Lamore (College and University Classrooms Editor), Robert Riter (Managing Editor), Raffaele Viglianti (Technical Editor and Micro-Editions Co-editor), Elaine Walker (Assistant Technical Editor), and Christine Woody (Micro-Editions Co-editor).
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