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Volume 39

11 April 2022

Volume 39 Introduction

Noelle A. Baker and Kathryn Tomasek


John Brougham’s Columbus Burlesque

Laura L. Mielke and Rachel Linnea Brown

A Prototype for a Digital Edition of Antonio de León Pinelo’s Epítome de la biblioteca oriental y occidental, náutica y geográfica (1629)

Clayton McCarl

Mabel Dodge Luhan's “Whirling around Mexico”: A Selection

Christina Taylor Gibson

Voices and Perspectives: Interviews and Conversations

The Long and Winding Road: An Interview with Walter Earl Fluker

Silvia P. Glick

The Julian Bond Papers Project: An Interview with Deborah McDowell about the Project and Its Inclusion of Community

Kathryn Blizzard

Uncovering and Sustaining the Cultural Record

A Generative Praxis: Curation, Creation, and Black Counterpublics

Julian C. Chambliss and Scot A. French

“What the Curious Want to Know”: Material and Ethical Challenges in Recovering an Early Cherokee Woman’s Work

Cari M. Carpenter and Karen L. Kilcup

The Frederick Douglass Papers Speaks Out

John R. McKivigan and Alex Schwartz

Postcustodial Praxis: Building Shared Context through Decolonial Archiving

Christina Boyles, Andy Boyles Petersen, Elisa Landaverde and Robin Dean

The Slavery, Law, and Power Project: Curating Debates over Democracy and Justice in Early America and the British Empire

Lauren K. Michalak, Jordan S. Sly and Holly Brewer

Pedagogy and Scholarly Editing

Planting the Editorial Seed: Extending the Pedagogical Partnership Model to the Digital Documentary Edition

Ashley Howard and Janelle Jenstad

Encountering Walden

Paul Schacht, Elizabeth Witherell, Rebecca Nesvet, Elisa Beshero-Bondar, Fiona Coll and Nikolaus Wasmoen

Pedagogies of Scholarly Editing and Digital History in the Seward Family Digital Archive

Serenity Sutherland


The co-editors are indebted to Silvia Glick, ADE Director of Publications, and to the ADE Council for their support of the journal's revitalization. For their generous dedication of time and labor, we likewise recognize the stellar editorial board of Volume 39: Kathryn Blizzard (Essays Editor), Eric Lamore (Pedagogy Editor), Rocío Méndez (Assistant Technical Editor), Christopher Minty (Reviews Editor), Robert Riter (Managing Editor), Ross Tangedal (Essays Editor), and Raffaele Viglianti (Technical Editor).
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