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Scholarly Editing

The Annual of the Association for Documentary Editing

2013, Volume 34

The Trinity Seven Planets: Linguistic Glossary

Word headword (MED) Part of speech sense and sense division
abate abaten verb (OED) To put an end to (a condition, state of affairs, etc.).
abideþ, abydynge abiden verb (MED) of things: to exist or remain (in a place, in a part of the body, etc.); ~ in the handes of, to stay in the possession of; of words, ideas, etc.: to persist (in the mind, soul, etc.).
afore afore adverb (MED) (a) Forward in space, in front, ahead, in advance; (b) earlier, previously, formerly, before; beforehand
alwey alwei adverb (OED) always adv. 1; every time, at all times, on all occasions. Opposed to sometimes, occasionally.
amours amour noun (OED) Love, affection, friendship.
aquarius, aquario aquarius (Latin) noun (nominative, ablative) Aquarius
aquary aquarie noun Aquarius
argenteyne argentine adjective (MED) (a) Made of silver; (b) silver-colored, bright.
arwe arwe noun, plural arrow
astates estate noun (OED) Condition with respect to worldly prosperity, fortune, etc.
attractyue attracten verb attracts; (MED) (a) To attract (sth.); attract (sb.) as an ally.
augmentacioun augmentacioun noun augmentation, (OED) The action or process of augmenting, making greater, or adding to; extension, enlargement.
batail bataille noun battle
beaute beaute noun beauty
ben ben verb, 3rd person plural are
berdys berd noun beards
bowiþ bouen verb bows, (OED) To assume a bent or crooked shape, position, or attitude; to bend.
brede brede/breadth noun breadth, width.
brenneth, breneþ, brennynge brennen verb burns, burning
broune broun adjective brown
bryȝte brighte adverb brightly
bytwexen, bytwixte bitwixe preposition (MED) Of location or position in space: (a) between (two objects, localities, points); in among (several things); (b) in between (surrounding objects); ~ armes, hondes, in (one's) arms, hands; in..~.
calculynge calculen verb (MED) astrol. to cast horoscopes, etc.; solve (a problem) by calculation, find (an answer, a solution), learn (sth.) by calculating; prob. also used of geomancy and other kinds of divination.
capricornus, capricorno capricornus (Latin) noun (nominative, ablative) Capricorn
cleere cler adverb clearly
commoditees commodite noun commodities, (MED) (1) (b) a beneficial or useful thing, a benefit; commun ~, something benefiting a community or commonwealth.; (3) (a) Anything of value, whether provided by nature, grown, or produced in some way; pl. resources, commodities, supplies; (b) property, possessions.
computacions computacioun noun computations, (MED)(a) Calculation of astronomical phenomena; (b) computation or reckoning of time; method of reckoning; (c) arithmetical calculation; (d) counting; enumeration.
condicioun condicioun noun (MED) (a) Personal character, disposition; god ~, moral ~; (b) a trait of character or behavior, a personal characteristic; also, an attitude, habit, or manner.
confermyþ confermen verb strengthens, (MED) To strengthen (faith, love, etc.)
contagious contagious adjective (OED) Morally or socially injurious, noxious, or dangerous; grievous, ‘pestilent’.
conteyneþ conteinen verb contains
corsy corsi adjective (OED) Corpulent, big-bodied, stout.
craftes craft noun crafts
curious curious adjective (MED) Of persons: (a) careful, meticulous; fastidious; (b) skillful, ingenious, expert, learned; (c) solicitous, concerned (about sth.); zealous, eager (to do sth.), intent (upon); (d) inquisitive, curious; prying (as a busybody).
departid departen verb split, divided
derkely derkliche adverb (MED) (a) Of seeing: dimly, vaguely; of sounding: dully; (b) of apprehending: vaguely, obscurely.
determined determinen verb are predestined, (MED) To predestine or predetermine (sth.), fix in advance.
deuided dividen verb divided
disposiþ, disposid, disposeþ disposen verb (MED)(7.) (a) Physiol. To tend (to a certain condition) because of (one's) physical `constitution', have a natural tendency; ~ wel, make (sb.) well or fit; (b) ppl. disposed, of an organism: endowed with a (certain) natural character; of humors: tending (to a certain condition); (c) wel disposed, in good health, healthy, fit; (d) phys. disposed, possessing a (certain) character or quality; (e) of a planet: to induce (a certain temperament). (8.) Misc. uses: (a) ~ for, to make (sb.) fit for (work); (b) ~ in pes, to dispose (countries) to peace; (c) disposed wel, of a planet: propitiously situated; (d) ~ fro, to withhold (sth.) from (sb.); (e) ~ in, to deposit (sth.) in (a place); (f) ~ to, to expose (one's soul) to (sth.).
dominacioun dominacioun noun domination
doune doun adverb down
duryth dure verb (OED) To last, continue in existence. arch.
dwelliþ, dwellid dwellen verb dwells
dyȝe dien verb die
eclyptike ecliptik adjective and noun (MED) In phrase ecliptik line, (a) astron. the great circle of the celestial sphere which is the apparent orbit of the sun, the ecliptic; also, the circle on the astrolabe corresponding to the celestial ecliptic; (b) fig. under the ecliptik line, of faith, fame: ?in eclipse; ?in decline.
eest este adjective east
ełł elles adverb else, (MED) As an alternative; as another choice or possibility; otherwise
entriþ, entryþ entren verb enters
eny ani lim. adj. any
erþe, erthe erthe noun the Earth
eschewinge eschven verb MED: (a) To achieve one's purpose, to succeed; escheven faire (wel), to have success or good luck, to fare well; (b) to achieve or obtain (something); escheven chek, to achieve defeat of an enemy, be victorious. (2.) To happen (to a person) by chance.
feirnesse fairnesse noun (MED) Brightness, brilliance (of the sun)
ferse fers adjective fierce, ferocious, destructive
ferþest ferthest adverb and adjective farthest
firmament firmament noun (OED) In old Astronomy: The sphere containing the fixed stars; the eighth heaven of the Ptolemaic system
fleisch flesh noun flesh
foloweþ folwen verb follows
ful ful adverb fully, entirely, completely
fyry firi adjective fiery
fyxe fixe adverb (MED) In a fixed position; firmly, stably, immovably
fyȝghtiþ fighten verb fights
gouerne gouernen verb govern
goyþ, goitħ, goynge gon verb goes, travels, moves; going
grete, gretnesse grete adjective, noun great, greatness
gretly gretli adverb greatly
greuouse grevous adjective (MED) (a) Injurious, noxious; deadly, hostile;
hardynes hardinesse noun (MED) 1 (a) Bravery, valor, courage, resolution; martial boldness or daring; (b) a personification of courage; (c) a source of courage. 2(a) Audacity, presumption, over-confidence, rashness, foolhardiness; don gret ~, to act very rashly; [cp. fol ~]; (b) obduracy, self-will; harshness, anger, cruelty; arrogance; (c) a presumptuous action; (d) a rash spirit or impulse.
haþ, hauynge, han haven verb has, having, have
hedes hed noun heads
hem hem personal pronoun, plural them
here here noun hair
heyer, hiest heigh adjective: comparative, superlative highest
hir, her here possessive pronoun, 3rd person plural their
homely homely adjective (OED) With †to, with. Of a person or a person's manner: familiar; friendly; intimate.
hote hot adjective hot
houres houre noun, plural hours
hyȝe heigh adjective high
ioyned joinen verb joined
kan can verb, auxiliary can
ledde leden verb led
lessid lessen verb lessen, diminish, weaken
lesyþ lesen verb loses
letten leten verb let
londe lond noun land
lyfte liften verb lifted
lykynge liken verb liking
lymt limit noun limit(?), (MED) (a) A boundary of a country or district, a frontier; (c) a limit; (d) math. a position in the decimal numeration.
lyȝte, liȝt, liȝte light noun light
marchuntes marchaunt noun merchants
marowe marwe noun marrow
mediacy mediacion, or mediacie (theol.) noun (MED) Mediation, negotiation; also, intermediation; mediacie, Theol. Intercession.
meistres maister noun, plural masters
meke mek adjective meek
meny; other meni mani adjective and noun many, many others
merueille, merueilles merveille noun marvell, marvells
meuen, meueth, meued meven verb move, moves, is moved
moche muche adjective much
mooste most adverb most
moyste moist adjective moist
my3t mouen verb may, might
myle mile noun (MED) A measure of distance: (a) a mile (denoting any of several variously measured or loosely conceived distances).
myscheues mischef noun mischiefs
naturel natural adjective natural
neighnes neighnesse noun closeness; (MED) nearness in space
neuer þe lees neuertheles adverb nevertheless
neuermore nevermore adverb (MED) at no time, never
noumbre nombren verb number
nyghe neigh adverb nigh, near
oon on numeral one
oppisicioun opposicioun noun opposition, (MED) astron. & astrol. the position of the heavenly bodies when they are 180 apart.
oppressiþ oppressen verb subdues, (MED) To overcome, put down, or subdue.
or er preposition ere, before
oure oure pronoun our
oþer other adverb or, otherwise, in addition
Oþerwhile otherwhile adverb (MED) Sometimes, occasionally, at times, now and then, at one time or another; at various times.
party part noun part
pepil peple noun people
pleyn plaine adjective plain
ponderouse ponderous adjective (MED) (a) Heavy, weighty; (b) of a putrid discharge: thick, viscous; (c) of dreams: disturbing, bad; (d) important.
propir propre adjective (MED) Belonging or pertaining to a person or thing in particular, special, specific; distinctive, characteristic
propirte proprete noun property
regne, regnyþ regnen verb reign, reigns
reherseth rehersen verb (MED) To impart (information), teach (sth.), explain, point out
resceyueþ receiven verb receives
reume reaume noun realm, (OED) A region, a territory; the sphere which something affects or controls.
riȝt right adverb (MED) As intensifier with adjectives: (a) very, very much, extremely.
rode rood noun cross
rysynge, risynge risen verb rising
saue sauf preposition (MED) With a pron. as obj.: except, except for, with the exception of
schal shulen verb, auxiliary shall
seide seien verb called
semyþ, seme semen verb seems, seem
seyen, seynge seien verb, plural say, saying
sholde shulen verb, auxiliary should
shyneþ, shenyþ, shene shinen verb shines, shine
signifieþ signifien verb signifies; (MED) (a) To be a symbol of (sb. or sth.), be an emblem of, symbolize; represent symbolically.
silde seld adverb and adjective seldom
silf self pronoun self
siȝte sighte noun sight
smale smal adjective small
sone sone adverb soon
sory sory adjective filthy, dirty
space space noun may refer to both time and distance (both meanings attested by the MED).
speke speken verb speak
sterre, sterrys sterre noun star, stars
stondinge stonden verb standing
stoupinge stoupen verb (MED) (a) Of a person, the body, the shoulders: to have habitually a bent position or a forward or downward inclination; also fig.
sumtyme somtime adverb sometimes
swagyþ swagen verb To appease, mitigate, pacify, relieve, reduce, abate.
tauro taurus (Latin) noun, ablative Taurus
tre tre noun tree, also: an object made of wood (MED)
trouþe treuth noun One's faith or loyalty as pledged in a promise or agreement; a solemn engagement or promise, a covenant: = troth n. 2.
vertu vertu noun virtue
virgyn virgo noun Virgo
vnto unto preposition unto, into
vpper up adjective, comparative upper
vpwarde upward adverb upward
vs us pronoun us
wanteþ wanten verb lacks
welwellid wel + willed adjective well-willed
wirche werken verb work
wisdam wisdom noun wisdom
wise wise noun (MED) with demonstrative and rel. adjectives: in (on) that (this) ~, o this (thiskin) ~, on these wises, in that (this) manner, in these ways; by that (this) means, thereby; also, in such a way as.
yen eie noun eyes
yuel ivel adjective evil
ȝere yer noun year(s)
ȝeuyþ, ȝeueþ yeven verb gives
ȝitte yet adverb yet
ȝonge yong adjective young
þat that pronoun that
þe the definite article the
þen than conjunction then
þenke thinken verb think
þer ther adverb there
þeraboute therabouten adverb (MED) With ref. to a clearly specified place or location, a concrete object, or a part of the body: (a) in the vicinity of it, that, them, or those; here and there in that place.
þerfore therfore adverb and noun therefore
þes these adjective these
þey, þei they pronoun they
þinge, þinges thing noun thing, things
þis this pronoun this
þus thus adverb thus, like this, as follows
þyckenes thikkenesse noun thickness